Accepted styles of shoes (pdf, 317 KB)


Please note:  the junior uniform is worn by years 7,8 and 9.  The senior uniform is worn by years 10, 11 and 12.




Uniform Guidelines




Why we wear uniform








These guidelines have been developed through consultation with staff, students and parents over an extended period.
























To stand out as an individual is a personal challenge; to start on a level playing field is a basic right.



Newcastle High School is a uniform wearing school.  Our uniform policy is the result of extensive consultation with the school community and is a feature of the Participation focus of our PBL initiative. Our promotion of uniform aims to ensure:

·         All students are equal

·         There is no competition

·         Conflict is reduced

·         Safety is heightened and identification made simple

·         Pride builds in our school



Our Uniform Expectations


It is expected that all students will attend Newcastle High School at all times in appropriate uniform.


If for any reason a student is unable to be present in appropriate uniform, they should bring a signed note from a parent or carer detailing the issue and requesting consideration for a nominated period of time.


Our uniform is detailed on the following pages and comprises

·         Appropriate footwear which are black leather shoes

·         Navy blue long pants or navy blue shorts or skirt (tartan [jnr] or blue [snr])

·         School shirt or polo (as illustrated)

·         School jumper, school tracksuit top, school jersey or blue jumper or blue school fleece or sloppy joe.


Ø Carers and students are reminded that jumpers should not have a logo other than that of Newcastle High School and "hoodies" on jumpers are not permitted.


Ø Students may wear full sports uniform on sports day for the entire day with the appropriate school jumper.


Ø On days where students have PE, they wear full school uniform and bring their PE uniform to change into before the lesson.


Ø Accessories (scarves, hats etc) are expected to compliment the school uniform if worn and the cooperation of students and carers is appreciated.




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