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Last updated 11:40 PM on 7 October 2011


Yellow moodle with black mortar board.






                                    Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

 At Newcastle High School we have established a moodle that allows students to access work 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This moodle will be continually updated as more teachers become familiar with the moodle environment.

A moodle has many applications for educators including:

·         A repository to store class notes and information.

·         Parts of textbooks can be added to the moodle.

·         Assignment, homework and assessment tasks can be on the moodle as well as samples of past students' work.

·         Quizzes can be made on the moodle and can be used for assessment or revision. Moodle gives instant feedback to the student.

·         A calendar of events including excursion dates, assessment task due dates

·         Surveys can be completed through moodle

·         Wikis, PowerPoint presentations, images, you tube videos, etc can all be placed on a moodle.

·         Students can submit tasks through the moodle.

·         Students can communicate with their teachers and other students in their class.

And this is just some of the things it can do!!!!!!

                                      Yellow moodle icon with mortar board.